6.0" Race 1 SUP - Height: 6"/152mm Length: 8.625"/218mm

6.0" Race 1 SUP
6.0" Race 1 SUP
Item# FU_60_RACE

Product Description

Curtis Hesselgrave Designs

A shallow water fin originally developed for a customer preparing for the race in Lake Tahoe, the Keel Fin features a swept-keel outline. By reducing the fins depth while enhancing surface area, we were able to create a fin that not only sheds weeds in the shallows, but also provided the directional stability of a much deeper fin. An added benefit of the low aspect ratio/high surface area design is that we can make the fin markedly thinner without sacrificing rigidity. As a rule of thumb, thinner fins take advantage of thinner foils which results in faster fins. If you are a still water paddler who has been using a traditional "surfboard" style fin, the Keel Fin will make a difference you will be able to feel in the water and see on the clock. Designed for use in a 10" fin box.