6.5" EJ Race SUP - Height: 6.5"/165mm Length: 6.5"/165mm Rake: 12.25"/316mm

6.5" EJ Race SUP
6.5" EJ Race SUP
Item# FU_6_5_EJ

Product Description

Curtis Hesselgrave Designs

The Kelp Cutter 6.5" is a marriage of the Keel Fin and a fin we designed for Brian Szymanski's various Catalina Classic victories. It features a cut-away swept-keel outline similar to the SUP Shallow Water Formula, but with a shorter base to accommodate lighter 8.5" fin boxes. To account for the surface area lost by shortening the base length, we added to the overall width of the fin which allowed us to utilize a thinner foil section while retaining a favorable flex characteristic. The result is a thin, rigid fin that is very fast with excellent weed shedding qualities. For racers looking to minimize board weight, the SUP Kelp Cutter offers performance characteristics similar to the Keel Fin while using a lighter 8.5" fin box. While this fins template is not one you would typically think of as a surfing fin, it actually performs quite well in the bump. The Kelp Cutter Fin is excellent for coastal and downwind racers who will regularly encounter kelp paddies. EJ credits this fin for making it possible to plow through the kelp rather than making costly course corrections during the race.