7.3" Seagrass SUP - Height: 7.3"/188mm Length: 6.625"/168mm Rake: 13.25"/337mm

7.3" Seagrass SUP
7.3" Seagrass SUP

Product Description

Curtis Hesselgrave Designs

When EJ asked us to design a fin for the Catalina Race that would allow him to paddle without having to make constant course corrections, we created the original version of the Eel Grass fin. That fin went on to win the race, but it soon became clear that we needed a downwind fin with superior weed-shedding abilities for coastal courses that would take racers through the kelp beds. We used the same proven outline that became the Bluewater, but added even more rake to further assist in shedding kelp. This Fin is good in the surf because it does not have an extended keel like base and catches and turns in the bump with ease. Despite its shallower depth, most racers find it to be the best balance between directional stability, weed shedding ability, and surfability; with the extra rake delivering a more drawn out turning characteristic relative to the Bluewater or Eel Grass.