Blue Water SUP - Height: 8.625"/9.0" Base: 5.0"/5.3"

Blue Water SUP
Blue Water SUP
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Product Description

The Bluewater is designed for downwind racing and general paddling when there is no seaweed in the water. The shape is derived from a classic longboard surfing fin called the “Pivot” fin. The template has been rounded to increase the smooth turning characteristics natural to the original. For downwind racing the fin turns quickly to catch the bumps as soon as they appear. The broad tip increases stability deep in the water and allows for aggressive paddling with many strokes per side. The Bluewater is available in two different sizes to accommodate different sized paddlers or varying conditions. For example the fin was originally designed for the Molokai race and the 9” version is very stable in the crossing seas and wind encountered in that race. The 8 5/8” version works very well for the same paddlers on the California coast where the conditions are not as aggressive.